Why is Mandela loved so much?
I often ask myself a question. Why is Mandela so much loved through out the world? I get so many answers. Mandela was a person who told his people that there is a person who can fight for their rights till the end. He had great determination,passion and strength of body and mind which is essential for a freedom fighter. He had loving nature and had also firm belief on his cultural and family values which helped him very much to keep his morale very high during life time prison.
He struggled against inequality,injustice and for freedom of his people from his youth till his death. No pressure could suppress his determination and no obstacle could abstain him from his mission.His body was detained in jail but no power could kept his long patience and determination behind the rods of jail.His friends and his diary took his spirit not only throughout his country but also beyond the world. After fifty years of struggle for freedom and 27 years of prison he succeeded in bringing real democracy in his country by election. Mandela was born in 1918 in a tiny village of Omtata district of South Africa.His father was to be confirmed by chief to be his councilor that he was involved in a dispute and had to deprive of land,herds
and other privileges a counselor had at that time.Family had to move to Qune, the native village of his mother.Here his father went for little jobs while her mother did her household.They lived in mud huts,slept on rough rugs,graze goats but they were happy.Mandela remembers the days he enjoyed his childhood.He went with his cousins and sisters in fields.They played,sang songs,clapped and danced.
He admits that lessons to forgive, to compete,to co operate and to love humanity were learnt in this natural atmosphere.His parents were illiterate but they managed to send him to school. He had no proper uniform but one of his father’s long trouser without belt.His father tied it withrope and cheered him up. His father was appointed chief of his community by British Govt but due to some of his bold words was dismissed and deprived of all facillitirs.

When he was nine years old his father got lung cancer and died after a few weeks.He was main source of income so his mother was worried. She took him to another chief of Khosa tribe.He was good friend of his father.He promised to keep and educate the boy like his own son.He kept his words.Here Mandela got opportunity to get education in high standard institutions.He came to know about history of African freedom fighters here. He took use of these opportunities.Till graduation, he was good in studies.He was good boxer and extra ordinary long distance runner.Due to some agitation he was dismissed from College with some other boys.When he reached home with Justice(chief’s son ) chief informed both of them that they had to get married where he had engaged them.This was not acceptable for both of them so they sold two Oxen and reached Johannesburg.There he had to do little jobs with miserable living with shortage of food and cloths.He started studying Law and also completed his graduation in these circumstances.He was engaged in political activities in these years in Johannesburg. Discrimination between whites,black and colored kept him sad.There were tags on restaurants,hospitals and Parks ”Dogs and blacks are not allowed”. A black could not sit with whites in bus or in train. This behavior shocked him and other sensitive black young men. He met his political mentor Oliver Walter here.He met his cousin Evelyn and got married with her.She was a serious and loyal lady.She thought that his political activism is a hobby of young age and will abolish with the time but his political activities were increasing with the passage of time so she was dejected and of her will he divorced her .At that time they had three children a son Thembi and two daughters.Mandela looked after them rest of his life.
Soon after divorce he married with a social worker Winnie in 1958 who was young,pretty and ambitious.They had lived lived together for just 20 months when Mandala had to go underground and then on exile and after that in prison for 27 years.She was a source of strength for her husband as his letters showed.She along with Mandala’s co workers kept his mission alive.People of South Africa called her Mother of Nation.Unfortunately she went astray and was victim of gangsters.The lady who was dying for his people was ready to take their life.Mandela tried to control her from prison but in vein.When Mandela became president and Winnie became first lady of country. She was charged for kidnapping, harassing and for killing a party member. Here a question raises? Mandela had announced a policy of reconciliation and forgiveness but this policy did not worked for his 40 year partner.Was she actually guilty or Mandela had taken revenge from her lover betraying him during his long prison as she was flirting with a young man for some time and he had found its proofs. In 1995 he divorced her and married third time with Garca 52 years widow of former president of Mozambique which lasted till death.
Mandela had joined ANC for his political activism ,He strongly believed that it is necessary to free his people from apartheid which was pressing them as a whole economically,socially and legally.They in their own country were treated as inferior creature.They were not allowed to sit educate or even to deliver in hospitals with whites.ANC was struggling for a non racial system of Government. Nelson joined it in 1950s.It was non violent in the beginning and sincerely striving for people’s rights but their efforts were un fruitful. In 1960 Nelson and his friend Sislu were concerned very firmly that if they want to take their people rights they have to go to military actions. After many discussion a military wing was eradicated.Nelson was its in charge. He was sent abroad to get military training and then to appeal for economic support.He returned in 1961 to his homeland.He was frequently meeting political Leaders he was arrested and sent io jail.He was charged to mobilizing people against current system and leaving country without permission.During trial he refused to call any witness and spoke himself to explain ANC plea against Apartheid. He was sent on life imprisonment which lasted for 27 years.
After release he concentrated on organization and unity of his party ANC. He also negotiated with other political leaders for reconciliation.He tried to harmonize people and to cool their anger and told them that in actual no party workers are killing other party workers.There is a third power who is fueling to keep country men away from each other.He also prepared a task force for election and opened hundreds of offices throughout the country.So ANC swept all parties and Nelson Mandela was elected president of new democratic South Africa.
His regime is considered golden period of South Africa.During his period all citizens black or white were privileged equally. Health and education were free for children.Three million people were housed. According to land reforms no one could evict a person who is living in a farm or growing a farm on it or keeping some life stock.
After 5 years he retired from office of Presidency and never went after this seat.He involved in social sector and struggled to lessen tortures of humanity. He had lung cancer which finally took him away to eternal world.




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